Disney Style Secretly Stylish Disney Characters: Mrs. Darling

In a recent viewing of the Disney classic, Peter Pan, we had a style moment of clarity. How have we never noticed before how fashionable Mary Darling is? With a style that is classic and sophisticated, we imagine Mrs. Darling is one of those types of people that just throws the perfect outfit together without giving it a second thought. And because we just love her style so much, let’s break down Mrs. Darling’s look from head to toe.


First off, look at how beautiful her vanity is.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 1

We know this doesn’t directly affect fashion sense, but it is definitely a part of her style esthetic.


Up-do + statement necklace = the perfect combo.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 2

Mrs. Darling knows a thing or two about balancing her look.


Her dress really is just the best.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 7

We just adore the ruffles and contrasting elements.


This dress’ twirling factor is definitely a 10.

Mrs. Darling GIF

Also, she said it was just her old dress made over. Mrs. Darling is a upcycler, too!


She also knows how to tie a bow-tie, which is definitely a stylish skill.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 6

We wish we could tie a perfect bow tie that fast.


The gloves, the capelet, this outfit is just classic.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 4

We also love this color scheme Mrs. Darling is working.


Those boots, we need those boots.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 3

We wished we looked that elegant walking down stairs.


So with that, we salute your style, Mrs. Darling.

Mrs. Darling Peter Pan 5

You really are the best.

Original Post:  http://blogs.disney.com/disney-style/lifestyle/2014/07/18/secretly-stylish-disney-characters-mrs-darling/


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