Oh My Disney Yearbook Superlatives: Disney Edition

It’s fun to imagine what school would be like if we had Disney characters as classmates.With a group of such bold personalities, we’re pretty sure the yearbook superlatives section would turn out a little something like this:


Most Melodramatic
YB superlatives - Georgette - OAC
Georgette is Disney’s resident drama queen. From her makeup, to her wardrobe, to her room, this diva dog has quite the penchant for over-the-top adornment.


Most Artistic
YB superlatives - toulouse - aristo
Toulouse is a pint-sized Picasso in the making. This painter’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled.


Biggest Flirt
YB superlatives - Flynn - Tangled
The smolder says it all. Flynn was born to make the ladies swoon.


Best Dresser
YB superlatives - dresser - batb
She’s kind of the only dresser. So, there’s that.


Cutest Couple
YB superlatives - Pongo Perdita - 101 Dalmatians
Pongo and Perdita. Their names alliterate, they’re dalmatians…seriously, what’s not to love?


Most Charming
YB superlatives - Charming - Cinderella
He had this one in the bag.


Biggest Smile
YB superlatives - Chesire Cat - AIW
The Cheshire Cat can literally smile from ear to ear.


Most Spirited
YB superlatives - Mushu - Mulan
As a guardian spirit, Mushu would protect us from rival teams and be the best mascot around.


Most Athletic
YB superlatives - Herc - Hercules
No one can top Herc’s godly athleticism. He’s survived Phil’s boot camp, fought off titans, and put Hades in his place.


Biggest Hair
YB superlatives - Merida - Brave
Her mane can’t be tamed and neither can her unbreakable spirit.

Original Post:  http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2014/07/17/yearbook-superlatives-disney-edition/


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